commercial construction

Creative designs for new commercial construction projects and remodels often marry a variety of construction types, finishes, and methods. With the diversification of construction skills provided by our talented staff, there’s very little we haven’t seen or done and absolutely nothing we wouldn’t enjoy taking on. With our construction teams and large equipment fleet, we’re prepared for any challenge. We do it all—anything from mixed-use occupancy to commercial warehousing, hospitality, corporate office facilities, retail spaces, restaurants, assisted living, sporting facilities, and pet boarding facilities. Sometimes refurbishing an existing facility into a more modern and efficient space is all it takes to make a business more successful. With the experience we have in the industry, we can provide you with the design and product you’re needing at a value you can afford.

New Construction

Dietrich offers turn-key, start-to-finish new builds for commercial spaces. Whether you have a new restaurant, hotel, or office building ready to be built, we have what it takes to take your project from your vision to a reality.

Fit-up Existing Buildings

Remodel your existing office space for efficiency and a fresh look. Perhaps you don’t need a new building, but you want to improve your current layout. We will help you make your working space your own.