About Us

Dietrich Construction office exterior

Brent Dietrich came up the hard way. Through a series of unfortunate events, his hunger to help support his siblings and family in an effort to rise above the government welfare system at a young age meant that a high school diploma, and certainly a college education, were going to be out of the question. Bills don’t pay themselves. He was discovered slinging pizzas in his late teens by a man named RT Finney who just happened to be a builder. Brent was offered a job as a carpenter, and what would become a lifelong passion was born.

Brent married Lorie DuBord in 1975, and together they started a family living in Fargo, ND. Brent’s ambition drove him and Lorie to start Dietrich Construction in 1977. With very humble beginnings, any job was a good job. Working out of the back of a Plymouth station wagon, remodels, additions, decks, fences, sheds, concrete slabs, roofing, and certainly homes were all part of the daily grind when available. Through dogged hard work and long days, growth did present itself over time. Brent had the foresight to recognize opportunities when they presented themselves and the responsibility it takes to put every dime they made back into the business.

As Brent and Lorie’s business grew, so did their family at home and at work. Brent and Lorie had three children: two sons and a daughter. The boys cut their teeth on the job sites at an early age, following Brent around and working with the men they now see as family. When we say work family, we mean it—some of the original work force from the very beginning continues to work here today. The crew and company expanded as the size, scope, and quantity of the work done by Dietrich Construction grew. Brent and Lorie’s children were raised to work hard and to always remain respectful and humble—Joe and Nick never had to look far to be reminded of what kind of standard they were being asked to rise to in the company.

As the years progressed, the advancing skillsets and loyalty of the valued staff coupled with the growth in capabilities and leadership provided by Brent, Joe, and Nick have allowed Dietrich Construction to steadily progress into the successful business it is today. Today, Brent, Joe, and Nick are business partners, and the hunger to build and grow is as vibrant as ever.